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Logics PowerAMR is India's leading Solar Monitoring Company and System Integrator having an established presence in verticals like Renewable Energy Segment, Power Sector, Water, Industries and Telecom. Our USP is the unique ability of data acquisition on any network, Big Data analysis and providing inferences in correlation to the Business functions. Our IoT based automation and energy management solutions help deliver substantial energy savings, and enhanced productivity. The company is managed by professionals having wide experience in above verticals.

RMS of Solar Plants

(Remote Monitoring and Analytics)

Acquire data from solar inverters, strings, MPPT, switchgear to give accurate and actionable insights into your plant’s performance

Zero Export Controller

(Reverse Power Controller)

Enable your PV system with Zero Export controller and avoid all net metering procedures

DG PV Controller

(Multiple DG Protection)

Synchronise your solar plant with DG sets at site to optimize the solar plant yield and derive maximum benefit

Weather Station

(Pyranometers & other weather sensors)

Track weather conditions at plant location to analyze plant performance and specify generation loss

Energy Management

(Optimize energy usage to reduce cost)

Monitor and analyse energy meter data for calculation of transformation and transmission losses,perform online billing

Smart Data Loggers

(4G, WiFi, GPRS, Lora, NB-IoT & Ethernet)

Plug ‘n’ play, most flexible, robust and scalable IoT devices which provides you full access for Monitoring ‘n’ Control.

DLMS Solution

(Smart Metering Platform)

Our smart metering application supports many legacy and standards-based industry/utility protocols.

Flow Meter Monitoring

(Water Flow Measurement, Water Level Monitoring, Water Quality)

Smartly monitor & analyze the water flow, pressure, level, pumping, multi fluid meters to minimize monetary losses

What Makes Our Solar Monitoring System Special

For your Solar Plant, get the Logics PowerAMR solar monitoring system with great features that make us special.

Connect any Network, any Protocol

Monitor, control and analyze data from different sensors, Solar inverters, energy meters and equipment on any communication protocol and any network.

Smart Applications & Asset Management

Leverage built-in analytics, features & AI powered insights to smartly manage solar plants, energy, water, assets & processes.

Grow with PowerAMR

Leverage PowerAMR flexibilty, configurability & advanced modules to maximize solar potential & smartly expand your digital transformation with futuristic ideas.

Data Loggers And RTUs

Logics PowerAMR data loggers are plug ‘n’ play, most flexible, robust and scalable IoT devices which provides you full access for Monitoring ‘n’ Control.


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