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Solar Radiation Sensor SOZ-03 Pyranometer

Solar Radiation Sensor Soz

Solar Radiation Sensor Soz

The SOZ-03 pyranometer consists of a mono-crystalline silicon cell (50 x 50 mm ²) with special solar glass. The pyranometer is laminated, hence high UV-resistance and long-term stability.


Mono crystalline or poly crystalline Silicon Solar Cell (50x 50 mm²) Housing Material : UV-resistant PVC plastic
Storage Temperature : -45° to +70°C Range : 0 to 1500 W/m2
Output : 4-20 ma Power supply : 7...30 VDC / max. 5 mA
Drift : Small drift of <0.3 / year


Plain integration into the top cover of the box
Advanced weatherproof junction box made of UV resistant material with cable gland and screw-less terminal for the connection of the measuring cable
High precision shunt resistor directly soldered to the terminals of the cell
Linear output signal in the range 0...1500 W/m²
Individual calibration of each sensors in the natural sunlight close to AM 1,5 spectrum by means of a compatible calibrated reference cell
Accuracy of monthly sums compared to a W.M.O. class 1 Pyranometer (e.g. CMP 11) according to ISO 9060: better ±5 %
Very small drift of <0.3 / year (experience since 1989)
Integrated signal amplifier with output signal 4...20 mA Loop powered 2wire

General Accuracy : NES Radiation Sensor Type SOZ-03 is better than 3% (from measuring value) in the range of 150-1200 W/m2 when the solar rays are perpendicular to the surface of the sensor and the spectrum corresponds to AM 1,5.

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