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Solar Panel Remote Monitoring System

An Integrated Platform comprising of Hardware, Software & Analytics for Roof top and Ground mounted Solar PV Plants. Solar Remote Monitoring & Analytics helps to optimize generation and efficiency of Solar PV Plants.

Centralized Platform and Complete Monitoring, Control of your Solar Plant

With PowerAMR, you can manage multiple solar plants through single web portal platform or PowerAMR Mobile App. You can deeply monitor and analyse underperforming plants. As well as, you can get alerts via SMS and email on any faults and data anomalies. It will help to Improve plant uptime and maximize PR.

Data Logger- Key Features

  • Plug and Play for any inverter, energy meter, weather sensors and string combiner box
  • Local data storage and upload to portal in case of network failure
  • Data loggers supports multiple communication technology like GPRS, 4G, LAN, Wi Fi and wireless data loggers - for sites with no network /network constraint.
  • Battery backup in data logger helps provide power outage notifications
  • Carry out Remote Monitoring, Solar DG Synchronization, Zero Export, and integrate weather station through one hardware
  • CE, RoHS, EMI/ EMC and other certifications
Remote Monitering

Dashboard- Key Features

  • Centralized Remote Monitoring helps eliminate the dependency of OEM monitoring tool.
  • Monitor PV Power Plant locally/ remotely at each stage of power plant
  • Get key updates based on generation and efficiency based parameters like Performance
  • Ratio, CUF, specific yield, specific power which are important to track the working and know the efficacy of plant.
  • Full Visibility of your system’s performance through Real Time Single Line Diagram,interactive charts and site layout
  • Single email notification for all your sites
  • SMS and E mail alerts, upon any anomaly detection
  • Multiple user accessibility helps access data from anytime, anliwhere
  • Scalable Architecture to meet the additional needs and demands, supports integration across portfolios of varying sizes
  • Detailed Analytics and exhaustive reporting through Mobile APP as well as web portal to support mobile, tab, laptop, view
  • Global Integrations with third party telemetry devices. Data migration supported through data transfer over FTP and APIs.
solar management technical dashboard

solar management technical dashboard

Remote Solar Monitoring through API Integration

PowerAMR API enable companies to integrate their existing programs and datasbase with solar monitoring data. It ensures a smooth and continuous communication between various applications and companies to get the benefits of multiple cloud-based apps and enhancing product innovation. Logics PowerAMR API help businesses to launch innovative initiatives in an agile efficient way and without spending a lot of time and money

  • Benefits

    Integration of different platforms, applications and systems to connect and share information with each other

    Automate manual tasks to generate a smooth , effortless transition between linked applications

    Simplify the implementation of new applications, business models and digital products and allow an effective complementation with third-party product

    Development of Innovative Business models through digital transformation

  • Use Cases

    White-labeling of Solar & Energy Management solutions

    Mobile Application for Super User to view multiple plants in one app

    Integration with existing business tools, SAP, ERP etc.

    Analytics of monitoring data

    Integrate and display solar data in Renewable platform and other applications


Compatible with 100+ Brands

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