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Weather Monitoring Station

Integrated Weather Monitoring system with multiple sensors like Irradiation (Pyranometer), Module/Ambient temperature, Wind Speed & Direction sensors



Module Temperature sensor

Module Temperature

Ambient Temperature sensor

Ambient Temperature

Wind Speed sensor

Wind Speed

Wind Direction sensor

Wind Direction


Logics PowerAMR Automated Weather Monitoring Station (WMS) automatically monitors site meteorological conditions in real-time, transmitting weather sensor’s data to our IoT based monitoring platform. It is a fully computerized, digital and self contained power source system, fitted with data logger and battery charging solar panel along with sensors mounted on Tripod stand with sealed water proof enclosure for data logger, solar charger and battery.


The all-in-one weather station reduces the installation, support and maintenance cost while improving the robustness and manageability of the PV plant monitoring solution/ smart farming/ environment monitoring

Weather Monitoring System India

Key Components

The expanded sensor set enables plant management across a broad range of plant sizes & requirement.

The WMS is deliveredready for installation and requires the installer tomechanically mount the sensors on a Mounting Stand, Insert SIM card in thedata logger and connect with power and communicationcable. The key components of WMS include-

  • Weather sensors & accessories
  • Tripod Stand
  • Data Logger set
  • IoT Platform
  • Solar Panel with battery

Key Features

  • WMS supports multiple sensorset:ambient temperature, solarirradiance (Pyranometer),humidity sensor, module temperature, wind speed, wind direction, rain gauge , Humidity sensor, Air pressure sensor, cloud cover, soil moisture, evaporation, leaf wetness, air quality sensors and many more
  • No on-site configuration, or any software installation is required
  • GSM/ LAN/ WiFi supported Data Logger with Inbuilt memory
  • Plug and play system

WMS IoT Platform - Key Benefits

  • Tracks real-time and historical weather conditions of the system and helps enable a comprehensive evaluation of system performance
  • Captures weather parameters like solar radiation, wind speed & direction,Humidity, air and module temperature, Air Pressure etc.
  • Visualization of Solar Irradiation v/s Power v/s Temperatures Curves.
  • Calculate PR, Expected vs. Actual Power Output, Module Efficiency, overall system efficiency etc.
  • Immediate identification of any anomalies in the system.
  • Helps to predict generation losses & get alerts for maintenance
  • Integrates with all makes and models of weather station

Connect multiple sensors-

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