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Module Temperature Sensor

Module Temperature Sensor

Module Temperature Sensor

This sensor is designed to attach directly to any solar panel. When placed on the center back side of the panel, it accurately measures the temperature of the panel.

Prior to installation of the PV temperature sensor onto the PV panel, the installation area of the panel back should be thoroughly cleaned. This cleaning will ensure a good bond between sensor and panel and allow for accurate panel temperature readings.

After cleaning, peel off the protective adhesive tape on the temperature sensor and stick it onto the back of the panel. Firmly press the sensor into place.


Measuring Range : 0 to 100 C Accuracy : ±5°C
Sensors : Temperature : RTD Pt100Ω Output : 0- 5v
Supply Voltage : 12 to 24 VDC Housing : Poly carbonate watertight enclosure
Protection : IP-65 Weight Approx : 150gms


Select a PV module that remains non-shaded throughout the day.
Peel the backing from the adhesive tape and press the sensor firmly against the surface.
Do not attempt to extend or shorten the pre-assembled 2.5 m cable.
The module temperature sensor is affixed to the back of the PV module.
Tie the sensor cable off in a way that does not pull on the sensor
It is recommended to fix the sensor and the cable with an additional adhesive tape.

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