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DLMS/COSEM Smart Energy Monitoring Meter

Simplify data collection and analysis at the Edge for Smart Energy applications

Our smart metering applicationsupports many legacy and standards-based industry/utility protocols as well as new IoT protocols for field data acquisition and supports enhanced connectivity upto the Head end and scalable upto million meters.

smart metering supports
DLMS Protocol Implementation in smart meter

DLMS Protocol Implementation

A common challenge faced by the industry is the need for an integrated metering protocol framework that is capable of performing across diverse customer platforms. LogicsPowerAMR has leveraged its expertise to develop a metering protocol integration framework that can be customized to integrate diverse standard protocols such as DLMS, IEC-104, Modbus along with proprietary protocols. With an efficient interface and a modular design, the framework is designed to optimize use of memory and resources.

Meter Data Acquisition

  • LAN/ GPRS/ Wi fi based RTU connected through RS 232 port of the any DLMS make DLMS meter.
  • Polling Interval- 15 minute, 30 minute, Customizable
  • Provision to share Data with the client at every 15 minute interval as per desired format eg CSV, XML, raw data file etc.
  • Provision for data extraction and sharing through BCS software for billing.
  • Freely configurable over Secure, Genus, L and T Make DLMS meter- all models, all makes


Meter Data Management

MDM is a single repository of all meter data. This system is designed based on open standards. MDM system manage huge data from current meters & future smart meters. MDM exchanges data with various other systems.

Architecture Diagram

Representative architecture diagram shows MDM systems various modules, data imports from various systems direct/though files and data exchange with other third party systems.

smart Meter Data Management

Key Solution Features

  • Easy and Fast Integration with any Smart meter
  • Flexibilityto network any make of consumer/ solar meter / net meter
  • Supports data monitoring of multiple DLMS meter at a given location
  • Flexibilityto share data across enterprise
  • Empowersto control energy costs through its 360 degree reporting and intelligent analysis modules.
  • Real Time Power Monitoring
  • Access anywhere, anytime through Web portal
  • Data Historian for quality analysis
  • E Mail Reporting
  • Automated billing provision

Key Offerings

  • Solutions on billing meters, net meters, solar meters and smart meters
  • Platform interface module to integrate the framework on any customer specific platform
  • Customized to integrate standard protocols like DLMS, Modbus, SML, Modbus
  • Specialised and Custom applications for DLMS protocol, hand held applications for DLMS
  • Real time data acquisition for DLMS protocol.
  • Configuration interface module to take care of varying device dependent mappings

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