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Solar DG Synchronization

Optimize the Solar Plant Yield and derive maximum benefit

Smartly Distributes the total demanded load between Solar and DG in such way that the DG runs at the minimum possible load, securing against reversefeedingand protecting the inverters from over-frequency damage, while also increasing fuel efficiency.

Solar DG Synchronization

Key Benefits

Smart Control: The device provides real time power control and will ensure that the inverter ramps down the solar production, in case of low/ no load.
Flawless Protection: Our System ensures that there is no reverse feed of power to DG and protects the inverters from over-frequency damage.
Graphical representation: Client can log on to the PowerAMR website and see working of power control on real time through the single line diagram and graphical illustration.
Remote Monitoring: PowerAMR DG PV Controller simultaneously acts a Data Logger and provide real time and historical data monitoring on our Solar Management Platform.
Deemed Generation: The system estimates the amount of energy throttled due to impact of DG PV Controller at every 10 minute interval.

System Brief

PowerAMR DG PV Controller ensures that the solar inverters generate the power as per the change in connected load in case of no grid. In other words, the total demanded load gets smartly distributed between Solar and DG in such way that the DG runs at the minimum possible load and solar will fulfill the remaining load demand. Because the solar power generation is being altered as per the load, the problem of damage to DG is automatically taken care off.

Working Principle

In case of Solar DG Synchronization, energy meter shall be installed at DG panel.When we get off status from the grid and ON status from DG meter or DG’S, the DG PV controller throttles the power of each Inverter as per building load. This will result in the minimum fuel consumption of DG along with reverse power protection and solar generation optimization.

It will be ensured that DG runs at 30% to 36% of its KW rating eg. DG will run in the range of 30 KW to 36 KW in case of 100 KW DG set.

The working principle is as follows-

1. Read Active Power frommeter

2. Is Active power > Max Set point? If yes, increase power oninverters

3. Is Active power < Min Set point? If yes, decrease power oninverters

4. Repeat from step1

Minimum set point: it is the minimum power output from DG
Maximum set point: it is the maximum required power output from the DG in case there is enough solar power being produced to cater the load.

solar dg pv controller

Compatible with all makes of solar inverters

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