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Wind Direction Sensor

Wind Direction Sensor

Wind Direction Sensor

The goal of installing a wind direction meter is to position it in a location where the wind flows freely and is not influenced by nearby objects.

For the most accurate readings, mount the sensor as the highest object for 50 feet in all directions.


Sensor Type : Wind vane potentiometer Type Material : Control Head UV-resistant ABS
Wind Vane : Polycarbonate Range : 0- 360 Deg
Accuracy : ± 3 Output : 0 – 5v
Supply : 12 to 24 vdc Cable length : 2 mts
Temperature : - 40 ~ 75 ° C Colour Code : Brown :Supply ,Black : Gnd, Blue : output


Allow sufficient clearance for the wind sensor. Install the wind sensor away from buildings or any other objects that might affect the airflow
Try to make the sensors the highest object around. 7 feet or more above the surrounding obstructions is best
The sensor must be mounted in an upright position; otherwise, water can enter the sensor and destroy it

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