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Energy Management System Solutions

Reduce energy consumption, improve the utilization of the system, increase reliability, predict electrical system performance,
and optimize energy usage to reduce cost.

Comprehensive Platform for Energy Management System

Our Energy Logic- Energy Management System (EMS) platform makes energy data simple to acquire, understand and act upon. Energy Logic is a Plug and Play platform and can be implemented in the existing system at a very cost effective price. Every plant or facility wastes energy in hundreds of places and processes. We help you identify this wastage and reduce it. Our energy management solution helps you reduce financial and environmental impact of wasteful energy consumption by effectively managing energy use and the factors that affect it. We help both small and large organizations in measuring, analyzing and reducing energy costs by up to 30%.


industrial energy management platform 1
industrial energy management platform 2


Business Solutions to Industries

With our energy management experts, implementing energy management in your facility is easy and quick. As one of India's leading solar energy monitoring system companies, we provide the following services as part of the industrial energy management system solution:

  • Data Acquisition- Data monitoring of all electrical parameters for all feeders, incomers, DG set
  • Real time energy data monitoring
  • Energy accounting- Sectional, feeder, department wise
  • Online Alarms
  • Demand Management
  • Performance Management
  • System Health
  • Advanced Data Analytics
  • Utility Bill Verification
  • Production Cost Analysis
  • Improved accountability
  • Exception Reporting
industrial energy management system

Continuous Targeting & Optimization Services

We help you to continuously improve and reduce energy consumption with:

  • Data Acquisition- Data monitoring of all electrical parameters for all feeders, incomers, DG set
  • Data Analysis – Analyzing your data for energy wastage
  • Data Comparing - Comparing energy consumption to an appropriate standard or benchmark
  • Setting Targets - Set targets to reduce energy consumption
  • Monitoring - Compare energy consumption to the set target on a regular basis
  • Reporting -Report results and any variances from targets
  • Controlling -Implement measures to correct any variances, which may have occurred
energy optimization services

Solution for All Sector & Technologies

  • Air-Conditioning
  • Chemical & Pharmaceutical industries
  • Power Supply & Distribution
  • Water & waste water Treatment
  • Mechanical & plant Engineering
  • Plastic & Rubber industries
  • Paper manufacturing & processing, printing industries
  • Metal process & steel industries
  • Building control technology & Property management
energy management solution for chemical industries
energymanagement solution forwaste water treatment
energy management solution for plastic and rubber industries
energy management solution for metal process and steel industries

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