Dust/Particle Meter Sensor for Solar Panel | Dust Detection System

Dust/Particle Meter Sensor DM 200

Solar Radiation Sensor Soz

Dust/Particle Meter Sensor DM 200

The Particulate Matter (PM) sensor is a technological breakthrough in optical PM sensors. Its measurement principle is based on laser scattering and makes use of innovative contamination resistance technology. This technology, together with high-quality and long-lasting components, enables precise measurements from its first operation and throughout its lifetime of more than ten years. In addition, advanced algorithms provide superior precision for different PM types and higher-resolution particle size binning, opening up new possibilities for the detection of different sorts of environmental dust and other particles.

Dust monitor is enclosed in naturally aspirated, 6-plate radiation shield. Its louvered construction allows air to pass freely through the shield, serving to keep the probe at ambient temperature. The shield's white color reflects solar radiation.The most effective passive shelter protects sensor from solar radiation and other sources of radiated and reflected heat. Multi-plate construction for maximum airflow

Parameters : PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM10, NC1, NC2.5, NC4, Particle Size
Construction : UV-stabilized white thermoplastic plates, aluminum mounting UV-stabilized white thermoplastic plates, aluminum mounting
Plate Diameter : 196 mm
Plate Height : Plate Height
Power : 12 -24 VDC
Max power consumption : 1.2W


Unique long-term stability
Advanced particle size binning
Superior precision in mass concentration and number concentration sensing
Fully calibrated digital output

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