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Wind Speed Sensor / Anemometer

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Wind Speed Sensor

Wind Speed Sensor / Anemometer

The Anemometer Wind Speed Sensor comprises three essential parts: the sensor body, the anemometer cup wheel, and an Allen key for mounting the cup wheel on the sensor body. The installation process involves selecting an appropriate mounting system, considering that periodic access for preventive maintenance and component replacement will be necessary.

The primary goal of deploying a wind speed meter, or anemometer, is to position it strategically to ensure accurate wind speed measurements. It's imperative to choose a location where the wind flows freely, uninfluenced by nearby objects. For optimal accuracy, the sensor should be mounted as the highest object within a 50-foot radius in all directions.


Sensor Type : Three cups Material : Control Head UV-resistant ABS
Wind Cups : Polycarbonate Range : 0 to 250 km/hr
Startup wind speed : 0.5m / s Accuracy : ± 3%
Output : Pulse , 62 Hz = 250 km/hr Dimensions : 3 cup Dia 15 cms
Cable length : 2 mts Temperature: - 40 ~ 75 ° C
Potential lead : Two wire


Cups should be on the top of the sensor.
Mount vertically.

Uses and Benefits of the Anemometer Wind Speed Sensor:

  1. Accurate Wind Speed Measurement: The Anemometer Wind Speed Sensor is designed to provide precise and real-time wind velocity data. This information is instrumental in understanding the wind patterns and optimizing energy production in solar plants.
  2. Integration with Solar Monitoring Systems: Power AMR's wind speed sensor seamlessly integrates into solar monitoring systems, offering a comprehensive solution for renewable energy management. It contributes valuable data for informed decision-making.
  3. Preventive Maintenance and Component Replacement: The accessibility of the sensor for preventive maintenance and component replacement ensures the longevity and consistent accuracy of wind speed readings. This feature minimizes downtime and enhances the overall reliability of the sensor.

The Value Addition to Solar Power Generation:

The Anemometer Wind Speed Sensor plays a pivotal role in solar power generation by providing critical wind speed data. This data, when integrated into solar monitoring systems, enables operators to:

  • Optimize the positioning of solar panels for maximum energy yield.
  • Anticipate and manage the impact of varying wind speeds on solar plant efficiency.
  • Implement preventive measures to mitigate potential issues related to high wind speeds.

Challenges and Solutions:

While the Anemometer Wind Speed Sensor is a powerful tool, challenges may arise, especially related to mounting and accessibility. Selecting an appropriate mounting system is crucial, considering the need for periodic maintenance. Power AMR's sensors are designed with this in mind, providing flexibility and ease of maintenance. You can also contact our tech team, available for any kind of support.

The Power AMR Anemometer Kit:

Power AMR offers a comprehensive Anemometer Kit, encompassing the sensor body, anemometer cup wheel, and the necessary tools for mounting. This kit ensures a hassle-free installation process, empowering solar plant operators to harness the full potential of wind energy. The Anemometer Wind Speed Sensor by Logics Power AMR is a vital component in the realm of renewable energy. Its accurate wind speed measurements, seamless integration with solar monitoring systems, and accessibility for preventive maintenance make it an indispensable tool for optimizing solar power generation. As we continue to push the boundaries of sustainable energy, the Anemometer Wind Speed Sensor stands as a testament to the precision and innovation driving the solar industry forward.

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