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Wind Speed Sensor

Wind Speed Sensor / Anemometer

The wind speed sensor comes in three different parts. We have the sensor body, the anemometer cup wheel and an Allen key to mount the cup wheel on the sensor body. There are different ways to mount the sensor.

When selecting your mounting system, take into consideration that you will occasionally need to access the anemometer for preventive maintenance and possible component replacement.

The goal of installing a wind speed meter (anemometer) is to position it in a location where the wind flows freely and is not influenced by nearby objects.

For the most accurate wind speed readings, mount the sensor as the highest object for 50 feet in all directions.


Sensor Type : Three cups Material : Control Head UV-resistant ABS
Wind Cups : Polycarbonate Range : 0 to 250 km/hr
Startup wind speed : 0.5m / s Accuracy : ± 3%
Output : Pulse , 62 Hz = 250 km/hr Dimensions : 3 cup Dia 15 cms
Cable length : 2 mts Temperature: - 40 ~ 75 ° C
Potential lead : Two wire


Cups should be on the top of the sensor.
Mount vertically.

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