Intelligent Energy Management System


Intelligent Energy Monitoring System

Intelligent Energy Monitoring System

Intelligent Energy Monitoring System

Reduce energy consumption, improve the utilization of the system, increase reliability, predict electrical system performance, and optimize energy usage to reduce cost.

Solution Overview:

Energy is a driving force for development. Energy Management is a mission with a target. In today’s competitive world, productivity and profitability of organizations, industries and utilities are inextricably linked to energy management.

Energy Monitoring System (EMS) is a complete package for Energy Information, Data Acquisition, Monitoring & Control, Reporting, Analytics, Preventive Maintenance that enhances the experience of Energy Optimization and Usage. The system is plug and play and remotely connects to any energy meter. Logics PowerAMR EMS Platform Energy Logic provides 24*7 real time monitoring, helps reduce O&M cost by 30%, gives instant alarms in case of any anomalies occurring at the site. Its interactive platform, rules & alarms engine combined with advanced analytics helps maximizes the energy yield and highly useful for key stakeholders such as asset owners, site operators and maintenance team. It is a unique package that would help to focus on managing energy while also conserving time and human effort in data collection, recording, data sharing, analysis and reporting. Trending and comparison of major electrical parameters are available through MIS and graphs. Available in multiple communication variants like Local set up, GSM, Ethernet, RF, WiFi, LoRa. 

The system provides continuous online readings of different electrical parameters of various feeders/ machines/ devices. Trending of all the major electrical equipments for which the electrical parameters are available is made live through MIS and graphs. Data logging and reports on timely basis (hourly, daily) as & when required. Generation of different kinds of reports e.g. Daily, Periodic, month wise generation can be viewed. Any other specific MIS requirement desired by client.

Energy Management Dashboard

Power Analysis

EMS tools:

Our EMS system is a Plug and Play module and can be implemented in the existing system at a very cost effective price. The system is compatible to all reputed makes of energy meters. The entire Electrical system of the industry/ (including branch offices) commercial/ residential establishment shall be available on PC/ web portal including automated and customised billing, energy audit reports, loss reports, production cost analysis, cost allocation, real time power monitoring, Harmonic Distortion, low power factor, reactive drawl, peak loading, load unbalance, preventive maintenance etc. The system realizes the concept of feeder manager and sectional cost centre. The USP is the inbuilt unique Analytics Platform and self diagnostic tools incorporated in the EMS which comes from our deep learning. We automize the system as per the clients requirement with complete after sales support.

The system is supported by various powerful tools as mentioned below:

  • Power Monitoring
  • Energy Reports
  • System Health
  • Data Analytics

The system provides business MIS together with trends through bar graphs, line trends, pie charts for precise and detail focus at each level.

Power Curves

Maximum Demand MIS

Key features of EMS:

  • Integration with the existing system
  • Freedom to connect any machinery, department, sub department, entire plant
  • Supports all energy meters of all makes
  • Flexibility to share data across enterprise with n number of user access
  • Empowers to control energy costs through its 360 degree reporting and intelligent analysis modules.
  • Plug and Play system
  • Data historian for quality analysis

Key advantages of Energy Monitoring System:

Our Energy Logic- EMS platform makes energy data simple to acquire, understand and act upon - so that missed insights do not become missed opportunities. Every plant or facility wastes energy in hundreds of places and processes. We help you identify this wastage and reduce it. Our energy management solution helps you reduce financial and environmental impact of wasteful energy consumption by effectively managing energy use and the factors that affect it. We help both small and large organizations in measuring, analyzing and reducing energy costs by up to 30%.

 Improved Productivity:

  • Production Cost Analysis
  • To ensure power Quality
  • To facilitate trends towards future expansion
  • Performance Management

Improved Accountability:

  • Energy Bill verification as billed by the Utility
  • Figures out energy loss circuits
  • Accountability of every unit of energy
  • Gen set efficiency
  • Individual cost Centre

Reduced Downtime:

  • Alarms are raised based on business defined scenario
  • Real time identification of faults at precise location
  • Reduction of downtime
  • Better maintenance efficiency
  • Helps preventive maintenance

Real Time Operations:

  • Real time monitoring of all metering locations
  • Ensuring efficient energy management
  • Facilitating proactive fault maintenance operations
  • Manual intervention minimized
  • Log sheet errors minimized

Business Solutions to Industries

With our energy management experts, implementing energy management in your facility is easy and quick.

We make it easy to implement energy management solution

Our energy management saves energy in three steps:


Monitor: Track how much energy you have used by day, month or week. Monitor your power quality, peak demands and other vital parameters that effect energy consumption.

Analyze: Analyze, compare and view energy statistics like – always on power, ghost loads, power quality issues, breakup of energy usage, and consumption across a period.

Control: Predict your energy uses and budget it. Identify wastage. Improve power quality. Get training on how to save energy from our certified trainers.

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