What is Zero Export

What is Zero Export


 At any time, the ZERO EXPORT prevents the solar system from feeding in to the grid. Logics PowerAMR ZERO EXPORT provides power analyser, data logger and controller into one device.

In case of unavailability of net metering, to use solar as per load requirement, we need to sync solar with the grid. In this solution, solar will take only reference voltage from the grid, but does not export power to the grid. This way the user would be able to use grid-connected solar plant without export.

Key features include-

Smart Control: The device provides real time power control and will ensure that the inverter ramps down the solar production, in case of low/ no load.
Flawless Protection: Our System ensures that the inverter doesn’t trip and minimum or no reverse feed-in is sent back to the grid.
Graphical representation: Client can log on to the PowerAMR website and see working of power control on real time through the single line diagram and graphical illustration.
Remote Monitoring: PowerAMR ZED simultaneously acts a Data Logger and provide real time and historical data monitoring on our Solar Management Platform
Deemed Generation: The system estimates the amount of energy throttled due to impact of zero export device at every 10 minute interval.

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What is Zero Export