Pyranometer Basics

The Solar Radiation Sensor, or solar pyranometer, measures global irradiance, the amount of solar energy per unit area per unit time incident on a surface of specific orientation. The global irradiance includes direct sunlight and diffuse sunlight. Pyranometer is to be located far from any kind of obstruction, which might reflect sunlight (or sun shadow) onto the pyranometer itself. The sunlight sensor must be installed at the same azimuth and tilt angle than the PV array.

Key Features of Pyranometer offered by Logics PowerAMR


  • Measures hemispherical solar radiation according to the latest standards
  • Pyranometer tilted in the plane of array (POA) of solar panels provides critical input data to the calculation of performance ratio and efficiencies in photovoltaic energy installations
  • Has all range of pyranometers starting from low cost routine/ standard sensors, Class 2 pyranometers to secondary standard Pyranometers, all makes and models
  • Offers the best measurement accuracy in its class for Solar PV monitoring
  • Offers analogue voltage/ 4-20 m amp output and / or digital (Modbus over RS-485) output
  • Compatible with any data logger including that of PowerAMR

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