RT1 is a small, fully weatherproof duo-sensor that independently measures the incoming solar irradianceand the back panel temperature and gets connected to the Logics PowerAMR IoT Platform. Thanks to this included back panel temperature sensor you collect all the data you need to monitor the performance of your installation - all in digital Modbus® format. RT1 is Designed especially for commercial rooftop PV installations

Key Features:

• outperforms reference cells

• is very rugged, stable and reliable

• measures the real solar irradiation from dawn till dusk

• has a soiling resistant design, for low maintenance

• is extremely simple to mount on a corner of a PV panel

• can be easily removed for recalibration or service

• also fits on the side or top with a clamp-on adapter

• comes with a Kipp & Zonen calibration certificate


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