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The Wattmon hardware is the most flexible in the industry, which can be used for Zero Export and Diesel Generator Protection solution compatible with the leading inverter brands, Monitoring and controlling Grid-Tie, Hybrid and Off-Grid setups, Solar Water Pumping and Building Loads.

In order to enforce Zero-Export or Diesel Generator Synchronization using a Wattmon Data Logger, several factors play a role in forming the optimum configuration. The Wattmons are compatible with a large number of inverters from leading manufacturers, and are potentially compatible with any inverter which communicates over Modbus RTU/TCP, and supports Active Power Output Control. The energy meters also need to support communication over Modbus RTU/TCP, so the Wattmon can actively monitor the Grid, Solar or Diesel Generator Outputs.

The setup also needs to adhere to the layout as displayed above, and the following information needs to be recorded on the Wattmon during configuration :

1. Inverter(s) and Energy Meter(s) make and model

2. Inverter(s) rating in kW

3. Grid Load in kW

4. Diesel Generator(s) Rating in kVA, and minimum load-output in kW


  • Versatile

           Configurable using the built in functions

  • Industry Compliant

            Integrate new and existing devices over Modbus RTU/TCP with the on-board device driver creator

  • Local Storage

           Securely store several years worth of data locally in CSV format and control who can view it

  • Programmable

           Write scripts in the built-in editor using the uPHP language or the Visual Script Builder

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