Webdyn Data Logger for solar Plant Monitoring - Logics Poweramr


Optimise the monitoring of your installations throuhg Webdyn data loggers and make your data intelligent through Logics PowerAMR IoT Platform. The Webdyn data logger coupled with PowerAMR IoT Platform solutions enable all types of source equipment to be connected to a company’s information system.

Constituting an absolute central telecommunication hub, the Webdyn hardware coupled with Logics PowerAMR IoT Platform enable all types of source equipment to be connected to a company’s information system and makes Solar Plant Management easy, Webdyn offers various hardware to meet the client specific requirement for Solar Plant Monitoring and Management-

  • WebdynSun
  • WebdynSun PM
  • Webdyn Modbus


The WebdynSun gateway is used to monitor and collect data from a solar plant installation. The gateway brings together on a single unit all the indicators from the inverters, the electric meters and the environmental sensors (sunshine intensity, temperature, wind speed, etc.).


The WebdynSunPM concentrator is used to monitor and control your photo-voltaic installations by collecting, analysing and modifying your equipment parameters. Define your scenarios to modulate the power injected to the grid, optimise energy storage or manage your own consumption. A tailored standa-lone solution to monitor, control and optimise your photovoltaic installations.


The WebdynModbus gateway enables to manage or collect data from Modbus equipments (slaves). On a single box, the gateway include a RTU Modbus or TCP Modbus interface and an Ethernet and GPRS interfaces to commmunicate with the information system.


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