The WebdynSunPM data loggers coupled with Logics PowerAMR powerful & flexible IoT platform allow the customers to leverage the best quality and reliability systems for Solar Plant Monitoring and Control. It is used to monitor and control your photo-voltaic installations by collecting, analysing and modifying your equipment parameters. Define your scenarios to modulate the power injected to the grid, optimise energy storage or manage your own consumption. A tailored stand alone solution to monitor, control and optimise your photovoltaic installations.


Description WebdynSunPM
Serial Interfaces 3 x RS485 - RS422 ports
GPIO I/O Interfaces 4 analog inputs 0/10V-4/20mA - 3 ON-OFF or pulsed inputs - 1 relay input
IP network interfaces 2 x ethernet 10/100Mbits/s - GSM/GPRS/EDGE/3G/Modem
Operating temperature -5°C/+50°C
Storage temperature -20°C/+85°C
DC power supply output for the logger +12/24v - 4W (max)
Input power supply from the field 100-240V AC, 50Hz, 1 phase supply
Data sampling rate 100ms (ultra fast)
Local storage Upto 6 months bases on 15min interval
No. of Modbus devices than can be monitored in a single daisy chain lenght upto 800m Upto 247 (included Mobdus inverters, meters, sensors...)
No. of proprietary protocol based inverters than can be monitored Upto 100 (depends onto inverters manufacturer's declared limit)

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